Managing Risk with Insurance

What Insurance Is and Isn't

Over the years, we have found that knowledge and education can better prepare our clients to make sound financial decisions. That also means understanding the risks you already face every day and whether it is wise to avoid, shift or manage those risks as part of your financial planning.

Our Primary Purpose

Just as is the case with investment assets, there is no single answer when it comes to insurance. Insurance is the way we as Wealth Advisors help our clients shift and manage certain risks. Without  proper insurance, you are choosing to retain those risks.

Risk retention means shouldering the repercussion of risks that might befall you. Just like with insuring your home or car, you are more exposed without protection - but that still doesn't mean you will definitely be "rear-ended." Common risks include your ability to work and earn income (Disability Insurance), the financial dangers of losing a spouse or loved one (Life Insurance), and the consequences of not preparing for the inability to perform activities of daily living (Long-Term Care Insurance).

Disability Insurance

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Life Insurance

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Long-Term Care Insurance

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Knowledge is power.

At Strategy Wealth, we can help you prioritize your values. Planning which resources should be redirected to preparing for some of life's risks is all part of what we do.

Not all risks can or should be covered. Some risks should be covered only for a certain length of time. Let us help you find where your money and your values overlap to narrow in on the right measure of protections.

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