Strategy Wealth: How We Work

Tactics and Strategy that Seek to Reduce your Anxiety about Money 

One of the only ubiquitous themes I see as a Wealth Advisor is that people want to stop worrying about some or another financial objective.

I frequently tell clients that financial planning is like setting sail on the ocean. I can point you in the right direction at the onset, but chances are good we will actually do better to check-in along the trip – to correct course to get to the destination. Just like a prolonged market downturn might equate to a squall; a good stretch of market might mean large gains in parts of your portfolio – driving your returns up, but skewing your allocations out of alignment.

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A smart approach often includes tactical decisions to pursue the overall strategy. For example, redirect needed income from only the low-risk sources during those squalls; reallocate your portfolio with some regularity; and check-in annually to make sure your goals and risks are still united.

Client Centered

Far too many people have a financial plan the same way they have an estate plan, just the default option. If you are spending any time worrying about whether the financial choices you make today will help you succeed in achieving your goals tomorrow, talk to your Wealth Advisor. We can help you see the consequences of your decisions before you make them. Together we can establish the strategy that will guide you through market cycles and we can make tactical decisions when adjustments are needed.