Get Started.

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I get asked all the time, “What do I need to get started?” My answer is usually the same, “Whenever you have the resources to start saving.” Most of us will never earn enough money to retire. Yes, that’s right. You might even spend fewer years of your life working than years retired. That’s why instead of tucking money under the mattress most of us turn to the power of investing.

Consider the example of money under the mattress. That money is going to literally be there. But what are the costs of stowing away your funds? Inflation can be your worst enemy.

Simply put, when was the last time you paid 10¢ for anything, much less a cup of coffee? Because of inflation, money under your mattress is actually guaranteed to lose its true value over longer periods of time – its purchase power. That is why cash resources and “mattress money” are best served for only short-term needs like filling your gas tank and buying your groceries. Cash is also useful to have on hand in an emergency. Emergency Reserves should always be an essential part of your financial picture.

Client Centered

But what if you’ve successfully established your Emergency Reserves and not sure where to go next? At Strategy Wealth, we have the skills to direct your discretionary income toward your goals in a strategic fashion. We can work with you to determine the underlying tactics to guide you to success. And we are with you throughout your financial journey, working together to help you succeed from the most basic to the most complex financial strategies.